The Rollercoastergirl is an enthusiastic theme park fan that’s always looking for the next adrenaline kick, and has experience with social networks.

From the start of the season in spring, she takes her social media fan community on an exciting trip through exclusive events, the wildest rollercoaster rides and the most spectacular shows.

MackRides, Germany’s largest rollercoaster manufacturer, is behind the annual search for the next Rollercoastergirl.


After 3 exciting and adrenaline-charged years with Jessica, Julia and most recently Carolin, there will be no Rollercoastergirl in 2020. Thank you for three unforgettable years!


Carolin – Rollercoastergirl 2019

Hey, my name is Carolin, I am 20 years old and I come from the beautiful Freiburg im Breisgau. Due to the proximity to the Europa-Park I grew up with the park. This is how my love for roller coasters and amusement parks developed. I am more than happy to be the Rollercoastergirl 2019 and to be able to visit roller coasters, amusement parks and events all over Europe. Professionally I started my own business and work as an online marketer. So this year I can combine my profession and my hobby and report about my adrenalin-packed year on social media.

Jessica – Rollercoastergirl 2018

Hi, I am Jessica! A lively, enthusiastic and spontaneous girl from The Netherlands, with a need for speed! Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for theme parks. It is like a magical place where everything is possible. That passion never faded away! Every time I visit a theme park, big or small, it feels like there is something special in the air. People are always smiling and everything feels like a fairytale or a movie! If I could, I would visit a theme park every day. I’m part of the social media team of a Dutch news channel, which I’ve been doing since 2014. I also have my own YouTube channel where I visit a lot of theme parks and review them.

Julia – Rollercoastergirl 2017

Hi, I’m Julia, 18 years young and the Rollercoastergirl 2017. I’m a huge theme park fan and am always looking for the next adrenaline kick. My inbox is full of everything to do with rollercoasters. My favourite rides at Europa-Park are ARTHUR, the blue fire Megacoaster powered by GAZPROM and Silver Star.


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